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Sankarankoil is noted for Arulmigu Sankaranarayanaswamy Temple . It is situated at Tirunelveli District. Like every other temple Sankarankoil has its own interesting story. Once devotees of Lord Hari and Lord Shiva quarrel with each other to recognize whose god is powerful. Then Lord Shiva appeared as Sankaranarayanar to mark his devotees to understand that both Hari and Shiva are same. So it is held scared by saivites and Vaishnavites as well.

Devotees believes that Sankarankoil‘s Nagasunai (sacred tank) have been dug by serpent kings named Paduman and Sangam which has a miraculous power to heal the ant-hill earth on the bodies whom bathe their. Annadhanam scheme is being conducted in the temple. Due to this scheme daily noon meals are being provided for 100 devotees. There are many picnic spots are in around Sankarankoil. They are Kalugumalai, Manappadu. For the devotees Tirunelveli Sri Nellayappar and Gandhimathi temple, Courtallam Sri Kntralanathaswamy temple, Sankarankoil Sri Sankaranarayanaswamy temple, Tenkasi Sri Kasiviswanathaswamy temple, Veerakeralam- Sri Navaneethakrishnan temple, Pudur Sri Nellayappar and Gandhimathi temple of Tirunelveli is one of the biggest and famous temples in the state.

eside all this tourist favorite Courtallam water falls is near to that district. It is a famous health resort. Every year June to September we can enjoy the falls season. It contains lot of herbs which are good for the health.


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